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Cut the Cord. Say goodbye to bundles & overages. Say hello to unlimited Internet & no-fuss plans with Setson


Gigabit Internet for Apartment Communities

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Increase value! Bring gigabit internet to your property today.


High Speed Internet with Setson

Are you tired of your internet rates increasing every month? Data charges through roof? Say goodbye to bundles and data caps with Setson. We promise to provide a reliable High-Speed Internet connection to meet all your online needs: stream movies, play video games, and Skype away with family and friends. Switch today and you’ll experience the difference of Setson Internet, a reliable network designed with the end-user in mind.


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Why choose us?

 No buffering while streaming HD videos. No data cap, no contract and no hassle.

Customer Service

Local Support! Call, Email, Text; that’s right Text!

IPv6 Friendly

Native IPv6 support. Each customer will get their own /64.

No Forced Bundles

We don’t believe in bundles. In fact we only offer one service. High Speed Gigabit Internet.

No Long Term Contracts

Our customers are not forced to sign contracts to get promotional pricing.

Honest Pricing

No fees, no taxes, no bundles and no price hikes!

Helpful Resources

Service FAQ, Speedtest and or customer portal for billing.

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